We are a Canadian company with an organic farm, based in the Niagara Region. Producing hemp designs and one of a kind vintage pieces to suit a sustainable lifestyle and encourage participation within the circular fashion industry. We're working with passionate manufacturers who have a lifetime of knowledge and experience with Hemp and picking up unique vintage designs throughout our journey. Always searching for beautiful blends from around the globe to create unique and sustainable designs to feel good on the inside and on the outside.

The owner has suffered from full body eczema her whole life and decided 5 years ago to take matters into her own hands after being exposed to harmful steroids, expensive chemical-filled creams and synthetic fibers. Leaning towards an organic, plant-based therapy and wardrobe alteration she completely healed herself from her skin condition and has Hemp to thank. Now she wants to share her products with others who may be suffering from similar experiences.

As a fabric, hemp provides all the warmth and softness of a natural textile but with superior durability seldom found in other materials. The fabric is naturally mold resistant and UV protective it requires very little water (half as much as cotton). Hemp can be grown two to three times per year while nothing is wasted in the hemp production process: seeds are used to make oil and food supplements, while the fibre and hurd are used for construction materials and so much more. Industrial hemp is an ideal carbon sink, absorbing more carbon dioxide than trees. Hemp has also been known to remediate damaged soil with no need for pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

With a great love for this planet and all species on it, it's time to take a stand for a plant that has been lost in our history.  We would like to encourage excitement about wearing this material and enjoying well made, one of a kind clothing.